On A Diet? 3 Healthy Dinners For Health-Conscious Foodies

Dieting can limit your eating options tremendously. Dining out especially becomes trickier as most of the tasty dishes prepared in food joints and restaurants are packed with ingredients that you simply don’t want in your system if you’re on a diet. The solution to this problem is eating at restaurants that cater to the needs of those people whose options are limited, including health-conscious foodies. Fathima’s Indian Kitchen for one cooks an array of dishes that are prepared after taking the needs of such customers into account. Here are three exquisite dishes that you can try out in a restaurant without “cheating” on your diet plan.

1. Chicken Daal Curry:

Dal is a highly nutritious food item that is packed with protein content and numerous other ingredients that are good for health. Chicken daal curry strikes a perfect balance between healthy and tasty, thanks to the fibre-filled nature of the lentils and the lip-smacking tang of chicken that we simply cannot do without. The chicken alone also has an assortment of health benefits. The restaurant prepares this dish by tossing tender chicken pieces in yellow lentils and cooking them with aromatic yet healthy spices. The flavour of the dish is simply exquisite, and the fact that it is also healthy makes it even better. You can try this dish at any Indian restaurant by typing “halal food near me”.

2. Chicken Saag Curry:

Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals, and whatever carbs you might find in this vegetable is fibre, which is extremely good for health. All healthy vitamins, including A, C, and K1, are in the vegetable, so it should be a part of your diet if you’re too conscious about your health. Although, spinach alone could taste boring. When the spinach is paired with chicken and some spicy flavours, you get to enjoy it the most. Fire up your search engine and punch in “Indian food near me” to try it.

3. Coconut Pepper Fry:

Coconut pepper fry includes all the ingredients that can give you a health boost. You can customize the dish as you please. You can choose between meat or cottage cheese to be cooked with coconut, pepper, and mustard seed. Red chilly and onions are also added into the mix to enhance the flavour. Book a table at the restaurant by typing “veg Indian food near me” or “best Indian restaurant near me” on Google.