4 Food Dishes To Beat The Monday Blues!

After buzzing Sunday nights, Monday afternoons can be gloomy, lazy, and exhausting. What better way to beat Monday Blues than by savouring good food from the best Indian restaurant near you? Indians certainly know how to make lip-smacking dishes to wick all the Monday fatigue away. Here are four food dishes you should try to beat the Monday Blues. You can try all these dishes at Fathima’s Indian Kitchen.

1. Silky Butter Chicken: 

There aren’t many dishes in the world that are quite as therapeutic as butter chicken, a dish that epitomizes excellent Indian culinary. Made with tasty chicken tikka lumps dipped in aromatic tomato butler sauce, this dish will bring back your vigour and energize you for the week ahead! Fathima’s Kitchen makes the Silky butter chicken gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, so the health-conscious customers could also get a taste of this exquisite food item without feeling guilty.

2. Sweet and Sour Spicy Paneer Tikka:

Any vegetarians in the house? There’s something special for you as well! Paneer is the go-to Indian dish for nearly every vegetarian, and of course, cheese lover. In Fathima’s Kitchen, paneer tikka pieces are tossed in a sauce unique to the restaurant, called Fathima’s special sauce. The cooking time isn’t long either, so you can begin relishing every bite of this tasty dish almost as soon as the order is placed. Trust us! You would not regret ordering this vegetarian and vegan dish. Book your table beforehand at Fathima’s Indian Kitchen by typing “veg Indian food near me” in the Google search engine.

3. Chicken Saag Curry:

While chicken alone can give you an excellent dining experience, it tastes even better in collaboration with spinach. Don’t believe us? Why not try it yourself and judge? In Chicken Saag Curry, chicken is cooked with spinach and savoury spices and cream. You can choose the degree of chilli you require in the dish, between mild, medium, and hot. You can try this dish by punching in “Indian food near me” on a search engine.

4. Veg Biryani:

Briyani can lift your spirits like no other. The spicy rice, cooked with an array of ingredients such as yogurt, mint, and coriander leaves, would be enough to shake you out of your gloomy state after a happening Sunday, preparing you to seize the week ahead. If you haven’t already tried this dish, there is still time! Book now.