Fish Tikka in Hampton Park

Is there anything that beats finger-licking good flavoured fish cooked with tandoori masala and yogurt? Add some Indian spices into the mix, and you have yourself a perfect treat for the evening! If you want to know where to try the best fish tikka in Hampton Park, find your way to Fathima's Indian Kitchen, the only restaurant in town that specialises in all kinds of Indian dishes, including fish tikka. For this dish, we use aromatic spices to bring the best out of the flavours. Want to have the cuisine delivered to your doorstep? Fire up your search engine and type "Indian food near you" or "best biryani near you". You can order from our website or pick your meal from the restaurant. Prepare to have the best fish tikka in town. While you are at it, you could also try other Indian dishes from our diverse food menu. There is a reason why we are the best Indian restaurant in Casey!