Good Indian food is difficult to come by in Melbourne. But if you live in Cotham, you’re one of the lucky few who get to enjoy authentic Indian dishes right in the neighbourhood. Book a table at Fathima’s Indian restaurant in Cotham to feast on an assortment of Bhartiya dishes, ranging from Chicken tikka with its marinated spices, to Paneer Tikka, an absolute delight for our vegetarian food lovers.

The assorted menu of Fathima’s Indian Kitchen features all the prominent Indian Food Dishes in Cotham. If you prefer vegetarian, then you can choose from Indian food dishes such as Veg Biryani, paneer tikka, samosa, vegetable korma, veg vindaloo, shahi paneer, paneer chilli masala, and palak paneer. If you like meat with your vegetable, then you have plenty of options to choose from, including five different kinds of Biryani, of beef, chicken, goat, prawns, and lamb, and several other mains to pick from, including fish-based cuisine. Simply head to Google and type “Indian Restaurant in Cotham'' to book a table at our restaurant to revel in these Indian food dishes in Cotham.